“Digigraphie®” certification

APP has been awarded the “Digigraphie®” label. This label is an international seal of excellence in terms of print quality.  It allows photographic artists to produce very high quality numbered, signed and stamped limited editions of their original works with a life span of several generations.

The Digigraphie® label requires compliance with precise criteria and very strict applications. Only certain carefully selected printers and certain papers and inks that have passed advanced ageing tests are granted this label. This guarantees its value and is the foundation of its success.
A certificate is supplied with each print run.

Taken up by artists, galleries and collectors, Digigraphie® has become THE benchmark in digital fine art printing.

Digigraphie® gives each artist the opportunity to distribute or sell his or her work to a wider audience by releasing high-quality limited editions. It prevents plagiarism as each work is numbered, stamped and signed. The artist can produce his or her works according to demand.

Digigraphie® is opening up new horizons for digital art reproduction. It is finally allowing the art world to reap the benefits of digital technologies, while guaranteeing outstanding quality and preservation of the works produced.


Digigraphie artists now have their own website : www.digigraphie.com
Each artist can register on this website and present his or her portfolio of certified “Digigraphie®” works.